Nowra NSW
About me

Im a self taught artist and have been painting for quite a few years but have only in the last couple of years had the time to get serious about my art.
I work in oils pretty much exclusively really enjoy the whole process from preparing my own canvasses or boards to framing them to a very professional standard. Most of my work are landscapes or seascapes that I have either sketched or photographed during extensive travels throughout Australia.
I constantly strive to paint in a way that will draw the viewer in to a painting by doing my best with what is before me. This can be an exciting light source or a far more dramatic colour in order to make the painting stand out from the ordinary. Im not frightened to use a palette knife especially at the finish of a painting once again to create texture and drama in the work. I have been pleasantly surprised by my success over the last couple of years both exhibiting and in competitions and work hard to enter as many as I can get to.

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