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Being an adventurous spirit, I like to place challenges in front of myself all the time. I have travelled the world. Including teaching English in China and managing a hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia. All of which I’ve enjoyed immensely, experiencing new and different cultures, personalities, customs and languages.

In 2011 I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast. This is where I found my passion for photography and abstract art. Thanks to two wonderful lecturers, Vince & Justin. Justin encouragement kept me positive and to believe in myself. Keep doing what I was doing as it was unique!

I enjoy capturing personal or family memories in delightful originality, however, I prefer creating the unusual with the magic of my camera and the power of my computer bringing vibrant life in unexpected genres to everyday objects and surroundings.

Above all, I have an intense curiosity that goes beyond appreciation of the superficial appearances. Where as my creative perspective and understanding of the possibilities of form, entice my mind’s eye. Furthermore, my camera captures the outer form. Whereas a sculptor works with stone and marble to release the spirit in the stone, my skill plays with the image to find and release the innate through the magic of technology.

Living in beautiful parts of Australia provides scenes that represent Sunshine Coast and Western Australia. My photography, when manipulated creates some amazing images that are just so unique and different.

Our lovely mobile menu background features Peach Blossom Stem by Fiona Buchanan

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