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Deborah Zibah is a dynamic artist of passion, purpose and integrity, inspired by the colour of life and it’s Creator.

Originating from Africa, her work is a reflection of an exuberant, energetic personality, her deep, spiritual awareness, along with a joyful expectancy and optimism.

Deborah’s work is an emotional response to the subject and theme. Her intention is to capture the immediacy of the moment and the experience of it as it is exposed to the senses. She draws on bold, expressive, gestural form, colour and scale, along with innovative techniques which she had developed by using unusual painting materials, such as, bitumen and tree resins, industrial enamel, shellac, wood stain, beeswax medium to name a few, to describe her responses, as much as a two-dimensional surface can accommodate.

Her most celebrated commission so far was creating 116 original paintings for the Sebel Hotel, Mandurah. Her work is in demand from the high end architectural and interior design markets.

A committed artist, Deborah regularly participates in the Mandurah Plein Air Artists Group and a fun, lively portrait group meeting once a week. She recently completed a year-long master class, plein air mentorship with internationally acclaimed Leon Holmes.

Deborah’s next venture will be to utilise her small, plein air studies to create more resolved paintings of an abstract nature, incorporating the materials she loves to use. After many years of experimentation and discovery as to who she is as an art practitioner, she looks forward to producing works which will celebrate the maturity she has pursued passionately for.

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