About me

Born in Scotland, to a French family with a passion for all things artistic, texture and colour inspired me to love art. As far back as I can remember I had a pencil or a piece of charcoal in my hand and always drawing. Progressing to oil paintings in my later years. I am a versatile artist who is enthusiastic to experiment with all mediums.
My self-taught techniques incorporate the conventional and unconventional. I am developing a range of styles as I formulate what makes my art mine.
Since starting I have experimented with techniques, styles and colours. Trying various techniques and merging them together to create that original piece. As I grew as an artist I felt I needed to do more with the paintings I was producing. Using brush strokes, drips and different techniques to create the base image. Knowing when to stop can be the hard part, love how my style has change and developed and still evolving.
Creativity has always been a big part of my life and the painting process is often experimental with all its joy, frustrations, and problem solving and life lessons absorbing for me. I’ve attended various classes with different artists, working in different media from painting, crafts, printmaking to sculpture. I am forever learning, responding and changing how I work. A world of shape, colour and composition to explore.
I have used an assortment of media, ink is my primary medium at the moment, however, I will use whatever media I have on hand to produce the desired effect.
I paint because it feels wonderful and excites me. My wish is for others to experience the same positiveness when viewing my work.

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