About me

I am an Australian watercolour artist, living in the inner west of Sydney, Australia. I enjoy painting many varied subjects including people, wildlife, pets, seascapes and landscapes, never tiring of ideas and inspiration. I create uplifting and expressive artworks that portray a heartfelt connection or special moment. My work has been exhibited around Victoria and Sydney where I have won many awards and prizes for my watercolour paintings.

I have had an artistic flair for as long as I can remember. Art is my passion and watercolour is my medium of choice. I love watercolour for its beautiful, transparent and illuminating qualities. Watercolour is the perfect medium for unexpected and creative magic!

While living in Melbourne, I studied with some of Australia’s best watercolour artists and have developed my own unique style and colour palate over the years.

I run educational and fun watercolour workshops for all skill levels. I also paints watercolour commissions from client’s photos of that special holiday memory, a beloved pet or family photo. Please contact me for workshop availability.

Our lovely mobile menu background features Peach Blossom Stem by Fiona Buchanan

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