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As an acrylic artist, I find working primarily on canvas (and timber) reflects my perspective in practical and creative terms. For some time now, art has been the driving force for expression of what earth is about. Its' beauty, diversity and fragility. This in turn reflects my own world and how I use colour and form which flow through my abundant choices. The use of various type of brushes, pallet knife or hand establishes the connection I feel with the material/spiritual world to enhance my creative edge. In producing art work, I endeavor to offer a world of escapism and reality intermingled with abstraction for the viewer to become part of the story. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Art and Sociology, and have for the last 25 years worked in the disability sector, introducing participants to the world of art and freedom of expression. I contribute to Community Artworks, as part of a group, for the fostering of people with disabilities. It is now time for me to foster my own work and go to the next stage. Thank you.

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