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I am an artist based in Sydney. I have moved to Australia from Slovakia 3 years ago to pursue my dreams. I have been painting and drawing since I was little. My art is nowadays full of symbols and stories from my and other lives. I put my soul to my artworks to make them alive and to feel alive too. Creating is for me a process of communication, it is my journey, it's connecting me with myself first and then with rest of the world. Now I see clearly that what art taught me is similar what spiritual books or gurus teach people "to be in a present moment and enjoy it".

My art continually captures what I see, what I admire and where is my path heading me. Emotions and experiences are my essential ingredients. For several months during the year I travel and that different type of scenery and new cultures also enriche my art. I always listen sound healing songs or high frequency music to influence myself in the best way to create clean pure art. I am using also special essential oil with my paints so the paintings has a feeling of balace, healing harmony itself. Colours in my paintings are rich and intensive and my style is varied. Although it has always a common idea, which is deeply intimate and spiritual - exploring beauty of life, highlighting decisions which has a roots in intuition and love.

I prefer using my hands over brushes, as I feel like I can connect in a more personal manner with the canvas. I identify with the fire element, and within my last collection I delve into the water in all my paintings. Water has a profound meaning for me as I feel it has a quenching and balancing effect on my fiery character and exploring it in my work in a certain way helps cleanse my spirit and find calm.

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