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Rachael is an Associate Professor by day and a closet artist in-between. She first began dabbling in the art world as an actress in the late-1990s, forming her own theatre company in the early 2000s in Melbourne, Victoria. Her artistic interests have focused on strong women and youth in literature, theatre and film. She is a self-taught fine artist and works at home with her very loud family letting her know what they don't like when it comes to her work. She enjoys participating in multiple creative areas and simultaneously, such as research, writing essays, opinion pieces, poetry, short stories, novels, plays along side a variety of academic pursuits.

Rachael is a Queen’s Trust Foundation and Myer Foundation Awardee for her acclaimed works in Theatre-in-Education that focused on providing anti-bullying programs for primary and secondary educational institutions around Australia. She was the original play writer for Theatre-in-Education programs that focused on supporting students to prevent bullying in the school yard in Australian primary schools throughout the early 2000s.

Rachael is well-known for her diverse work range, spanning the Creative Industries, performing arts, teaching, learning and research. She has published widely, such as mixed media and journal articles, book chapters as well as her plays and books (over 100 publications) being published in a number of reputable outlets, nationally and internationally.

Rachael creates mixed art work, using oil pastels, charcoal, pencil, acrylic and water colors, expressing political and cultural messages from the past, present and future. Her works range from realism to abstract.

Visit: for more information about Rachael's diverse endeavors and pursuits.

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