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Relatively new to abstract painting Rod Leech brings with him over 30 years of experience in Graphic Design. Inspired by the likes of Rothko and Pollock but without wishing to be overly derivative, Rod set out to cultivate his own unique style operating within the traditions of abstract painting.

Working with acrylic paint and a limited colour palette the paint is pored onto the canvas. The paint is manipulated by rotating, tipping the canvas which allows the individual colours to mix without blending. Water is also added to enhance the overall effect. Each artwork is its own experiment, with no specific method. The artwork continues to develop for hours after Rod has finished working with it, the final result is unknown until the work is completely dry. 

Sections of the canvas are scanned at ultra high resolution, cleaned and enhanced to expose the minute details. Enlarged and printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag stock, an impeccable replication with no texture to impair detail.  

Our lovely mobile menu background features Peach Blossom Stem by Fiona Buchanan

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