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40cm (W) x 40cm (H)



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About this piece

A lifelong understanding of how to care for the environment begins with the care of a single plant. Through an awareness of what it requires to survive and what, in turn, it gives back to the ecosystem, the microcosm of the garden teaches us the absolute interconnectedness of all things.

Vividly life-like and studied with great intensity, this meticulously detailed oil painting captures the form, value, colour, textures and reflections of the succulent garden arrangement in a way which asks us to pause and consider the subject through a lens of renewed clarity.

In a world perpetually switched on to technology, this work honours the tactile and the tangible; exploring the subtle beauty of stillness and evoking the essence of that which surrounds us in the everyday.

Oil on circular wooden panel. With D rings and hanging wire attached to the rear, this piece is ready to hang.



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