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Located in the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia just two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is Canada’s favourite year-round destination.

I managed to get up early prior to sunrise after a night of heavy snow and managed to capture this amazing image.

My personal favourite is having an Aluminium HD metal Framed print at scale on your walls. They completely change the mood and feeling in any room. There's something special, magical and captivating about them.

High-definition aluminium prints are made on aluminium that’s coated with a special coating that the image is fuzed into. Using ChromaLuxe brand metal, which is resistant to stains, scratches, water, fire, tears, age-related yellowing – and lasts 200-400% as long as the world’s best photo papers. This means you don’t have to protect an Aluminium HD Metal Print under a glass or layer of laminate as you would with regular photo paper. When you print on metal, you get all the high-definition quality you expect from an HD printer – but with all the benefits of aluminium’s lightness and durability.

Since the photographs are printed on a special film layer, as opposed to directly onto the aluminium surface, the quality you see in each finished print is breathtaking.

The best thing about metal prints is that the images are directly fuzed into the coating of the metal which makes them resilient. This combines a medium which is unique, durable and incredibly classy on a visual level with the incredible accuracy of modern HD printing techniques. As a result, any image I choose to print on metal will look stunning – whether it’s a photograph, graphic illustration or painting reprint.

The print keeps all of its properties. This means I do not have to worry about my image losing vibrancy, contrast or colouring. And with the durable aluminium backing helping prevent surface scratches, dings and dents – as well as rips – my photo will continue to look great for a long time to come.

One question I get asked a lot concerns the durability of metal prints: “how long can I expect my photograph or picture to last?”

Well, let me put your mind at ease: you can expect an aluminium print to last you a long time! Not only has the ChromaLuxe metal used been shown to last 2-4x as long in fade tests – it’s also impervious to all but the most spirited attempts to burn, scratch or dent it.

At the end of the day, there’s one major reason I print on metal: what I call the WOW effect. Every piece of visual is a statement – and when I choose to print on a new and unusual medium like metal, I am underscoring that statement with a bold, progressive choice of material. There’s an immediate, striking effect to a metal print – and the unusual rigidity of the metal adds a completely new dimension to my photography.

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