Dreamtime, Cronulla Australia

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100cm (W) x 100cm (H)



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About this piece

Painted by hands
Certificate of authenticity
Signature in front

My current art collection of abstract paintings is called "Inner blue". My art is inspired by the ocean, and by Australia's extraordinary coasts. Places I've captured you may know personally like Mona Vale rock pool, Curl Curl beach or Cronulla pool, etc. All of them are a bird's eye/drone view of coastline pools, lands and waves.To me from bird's-eye view you get to understand the world of endless possibilities and you get different point of view of your life as well. I prefer using my hands over brushes, as I feel like I can connect in a more personal manner with the canvas. I identify with the fire element, and within this collection I delve into the water and the ground where I seek to make me at peace.

Canvas on Frame

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