Memories Of Sunrise In Bronte Rock Pool

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56cm (W) x 56cm (H)



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Painted by hands
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My collection of ocean aerial paintings which look like from the airplane or drone I started to create 3 years ago when I moved to Australia and started to do my rockpool swims and walks every day. This infinite inspiration which come from the ocean and all beauty which surrounds it just let me create these artworks full of colours and life. I personaly love to swim in Bronte rock pool. I have had there a magic time when the waves from the ocean where jumping to the rockpool while I was swimming, I will never forget all those morning with sunrise, drinking my favourite weak soy latte, time I spent there when I was living in Bronte a year or my life 2017-2018. Hope you can feel also the vibe from my painting which is done by my hands as a feeling to me of real swimming in the ocean, in a rock pool, in my painting, in my soul. Natali

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