A Lucky Escape (Bush fires NSW)

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40cm (W) x 30cm (H)



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About this piece

Acrylic Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang

Signed on the front

This piece is called a lucky escape. i found this photo very moving, Sad due to the fires, but thankful for the safe escape of this poor beautiful Koala and her baby.
I cannot express fully how sad i feel for these poor animals, I am frustrated at the fact that i cannot help make it better. This is my own way of dealing with this, We are in an area where the fire almost got to us, luckily we did not have to deal with this sort of tragedy, i feel like this Koala, in regards to a lucky escape, although, this poor little thing has endured more than we have as a family. This was inspired by a photo taken and before us we see a mother koala with her baby sitting closely as she attempts to protect it from the devastation surrounding them. This piece invokes tears in me. I am very grateful that the two managed to survive the fueling fires which surrounded them, but they are far from safe yet. The future is uncertain for these poor two koalas. In a way, everyone who has been affected by the fires, face an uncertain future. How does one rebuild? What about the ones who may have had no insurance? What lies ahead. As we are still surrounded by fires which have not reached us thank god, but still keep burning, what truly does lies ahead? They are under control but all it takes is a weather change and all can seem uncertain again. We have been on high alert, for a while now, I am tired, my family is tired. I feel like this poor koala, waiting to see what comes of this disaster around them. Thankful to have escaped and thinking, what now.

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