Just Over The Hill

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55cm (W) x 55cm (H)

Mixed Media


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About this piece

Original on Canvas board, created with mixed media, modelling paste, and acrylic paint all nicely sealed with satin finish varnish. looking at the lives of these ladies, what is it that they would be doing everyday. what could their lives entail. They seem to be sitting, carefree perhaps in the field somewhere, without a care in the world. Life seems relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding. Casually, gathering berries etc and going about their day, just living, one day at a time. I hope this piece, invokes a carefree, peace within each viewer. Perhaps, it can take you away from the busy hectic life that we all seem to know, all to well and take you into another life of going with the flow of the day. How would it be to just be able to sit and be at peace, even for just one day. Now take a deep breath and absorb this peace and tranquility.

Fully Framed

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