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We are very proud not just to help out our Australian Artists break into New Markets, but our Auctions have now reached the 3 year mark & operate completely independently from our Gallery business. This continues on from our highly trained Specialists not only being able to evaluate Art you have produced, but anything else you have in your Portfolio. Because we hone in on Modern Art original paintings, drawings, silkscreens and lithographs, you know that our advice and selections are always hand picked. 

Unlike the major Auction Houses, we pour our Heart & Soul into every single piece that we offer & of course the personal service that goes along with it.

Our intimate London showroom is specifically chosen to grab the widest audience from Europe and the Americas. For our Australian and Asian Bidders, we always recommend absentee Bidding, which we are highly adapt at operating. Either bid in person, by proxy, over the phone or on the internet.

Small is Beautiful. Less is More

We keep our Auctions small, unique and laser precision precise. This way we can put all our efforts into offering you the best value. Typically our Margin is taken only from your Sale, so if we accept your works, then it costs you absolutely nothing, only time & effort on your part. We will organise everything, from the Shipping, to Advertising, online Marketing, Selling, Fund Transfer and After Sales Support. We are a one stop shop. Please leave your details on the form on the left side & we aim to reply within 24hrs (outside of weekends) & even shorter during the w 

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  • Only 5% premiums

  • A International One Stop Shop

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