Pet Commissions

All animals – real and imagined, domestic and wild, endangered and extinct –
occupy an important place in art and in our lives for so many reasons. A portrait or a painting is the way to celebrate all these magnificent creatures.

Contact us with your preferred size and style, and a little information about your pet. We will have the artist get back to you, who will request at least 2 photos (preferably more) of your pet (or pets). Your photos should be clear, in focus and not too far away with good face detail. Please note that clearer the photographs, the better your portrait will be. It’s good for the artist to see your pet, but this is not essential or always possible.

Your price will be confirmed by email. If you choose to proceed, you send Berry Art a 40% deposit to secure your painting and the work begins. When your contemporary animal portrait is finished, we email you a digital picture of the finished work for you to approve. The balance is then payable and your contemporary pet portrait is carefully packed and shipped free anywhere in Australia with your final receipt.

Celeste Hilmer

Featuring an award winning acrylic artist with a wonderful style to capture the life and beauty of a loved pet

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