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BerryArt is an online art gallery dedicated to supporting emerging International artists & advertising the Cream of Modern Art paintings & prints. We endeavor to make art affordable to consumers and create a platform for collaboration and communication within the artistic community.

We believe the arts create benefits profoundly felt throughout the global community.


The arts provide a unique expression of what it means to be human that is fundamental to our nature and imperative to our well-being.

We are therefore reaching out to other artists
who would like to exhibit their works at our full launch and the wider community to view, acquire and enjoy! 


  • Provide a platform for emerging and developing artists

  • Make art affordable to consumers

  • Create a web-space to share and express views about the Australian art community

  • Advertise (always free) exhibitions, talks and community activities

  • Inspire others to become artists

Original Art

We pride ourselves on bringing artists and collectors together to enrich their lives.  Our mantra is BY ARTISTS FOR ARTISTS and we breathe this every day. Our service to you will always be our greatest priority and promoting the wonderful and talented artist community in our beautiful country is our way of helping you grow your career. 

Easy to Search and Compare
BerryArt have a number of different approaches to finding the right artwork for you.  Search by artist, medium and price range. If you are still unsure, email us with questions for artists and if you don’t find what you are looking for, a commission can be arranged.

A week to decide

For many collectors, seeing and experiencing an artwork in person is a decisive step in the acquisition process. However, when considering a purchase from an artist who may be halfway across Australia it can be difficult, if not impossible, to schedule a visit to view the work in person.


For this reason, we give you a full week (seven days) from the time you receive an artwork to decide if you’d like to return it. No questions, no hassles. If you decide to return your piece, simply let us know and we’ll make it happen – your only cost is the return freight.

Aspiring Artists

If you been thinking about showcasing your works of art, Berry Art would love to hear from you.  Simply click on Create an Acount below and you will be taken to our artist registration page.  It is a quick and simple process and you should be selling your artwork within a couple of days of making contact. 

Meet The Team

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Artist Support

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Marketing and design consultant

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Marketing Support

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