Nothing creates a sense of drama like black can.  We know it is a staple in fashion and beauty; think Little Black Dress, and Smokey Eyes.  Black regularly appears in our Insta and Pinterest feeds in bold interior design.  There’s no doubt that black makes a statement and is a great building block for interior design. From black artworks to black painted floors, when teamed with colour or just bright white, black continues to be on trend and adds an element of industrial chic to this design trend.


This art curation references the black trend with artworks that would look fabulous against a white wall, or alternatively artworks that would pare well with a black background.  If you’re thinking of decorating with art, here are five ways to use black and add drama to your interiors.

  1. Add black to a monochromatic colour palette - think white walls, cream soft furnishings and an oversized black print.

  2. Frame up art in black - use black mats or oversized black frames to create impact in your artworks.

  3. Go Big - either with a large scale artwork or by grouping smaller artworks. Tie it all together with black frames.

  4. Take a risk - because black is so classic, you can afford to be daring with your choice of artwork.  Be dramatic, be playful, invest in unique pieces.

  5. And ... repeat.  Pick up those black accents around your home using unique original artworks and black will definitely become your signature look.

Our lovely mobile menu background features Peach Blossom Stem by Fiona Buchanan

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