Who's your best pal?

  • A Feathered Frollic

    Celeste Hilmer

    A Feathered Frollic

  • Big Elmo

    Celeste Hilmer

    Big Elmo

  • Stella

    Celeste Hilmer


  • Kookaburra scanning

    Sylvia Nobes

    Kookaburra scanning

  • New Friends - Old Souls

    Celeste Hilmer

    New Friends - Old Souls

  • Mr P

    Janine Cairnes

    Mr P

  • Proud & Pink Cockatoo

    Helene Potokar

    Proud & Pink Cockatoo

  • Black Cockatoo (close up) LE Print

    Gary Thomas

    Black Cockatoo (close up) LE Print

  • Secret Garden II

    Reina Muller

    Secret Garden II

  • Numpty- Numbat

    Johanna Larkin

    Numpty- Numbat

  • Eclectus parrot..looking for her mate..

    Dianne Clark

    Eclectus parrot..looking for her mate..

  • Thundering Hooves

    Janine Cairnes

    Thundering Hooves

  • Pretty Nut Chameleon

    Helene Potokar

    Pretty Nut Chameleon

  • Macaw parrot..aren't I beautiful?

    Dianne Clark

    Macaw parrot..aren't I beautiful?

  • "A new home" Survival, thanks to my friendly humans.

    Sylvia Nobes

    "A new home" Survival, thanks to my friendly humans.

  • Feeling Blue Cat

    Helene Potokar

    Feeling Blue Cat

  • Barney The Quokka

    Johanna Larkin

    Barney The Quokka

  • Cuddles

    Johanna Larkin


Meet our artists of the week

Gary Thomas

We are very pleased that Gary took a chance on colour, changing over from graphite drawings to pastel painting - only 3 years ago.  His attention to detail and hyper realism approach draws you in to the work where you can stay for extended periods of time!  With an interest now in oils we are keen to see where Gary’s work takes him.  Watch this space!  Read on for Gary’s story  ….


Thomas Paint 2.jpg
Reina Muller

Reina’s theme for her art is ‘Tranquility’ – and you can certainly feel that in Reina’s work!  Perhaps there are some underlying Japanese beliefs that allow her to paint with such soul?  Reina has lived in Australia now for 8 years where she first took up Acrylic Painting.  Having previously painted in oils and watercolour, acrylic is now her preference.  See why here


Muller Paint 1.jpg
Muller Paint 2.jpg
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