9 Reasons to Collect Art

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

There are many reasons as to why a collector indulges in art. For some it could merely be a hobby which they enjoy, or perhaps they strive to acquire pieces no one else has. Some people may also collect art to increase their wealth, which we discussed in a previous blog post (here). These are just a few examples for why collectors enjoy purchasing art, however, humans are multi-faceted creatures and there are various other reasons why consumers get involved. Keep reading for our list of reasons to collect art.

Decorate your home

One of the more obvious reasons behind collecting art is to make a home look beautiful. This may or may not be an on-going thing for the consumer, depending on how often they like to re-decorate. Unique artworks can really brighten up an otherwise lifeless interior.

Support the arts

Passionate art collectors know the value art has on society. To support this deep passion, art collectors take it upon themselves to strengthen the industry.

Join a community

As with any community, art collectors share a mutual bond. The capacity to discuss and interpret art work and artistic styles creates a supportive network for people to join and embrace. One of Berry Art’s goals is to create a supportive and collaborative community for artists, enthusiasts, and collectors to come together and enjoy.

Preserve history

Owning art means owning a part of history. Many collectors will choose art from artists with similar backgrounds or life stories to their own - something they relate to. Some collectors seek limited editions from high-profile artists to claim their stake on art history.

The thrill of the search

The rush which comes from finding that perfect piece can be exhilarating for collectors. Spending the time to research and wait for that highly coveted piece to compliment the rest of their collection is all part of the fun for some collectors.

Reveal their personality

Art work can express the owner’s personality, particularly if they have a strong theme to their collection. Others may also use variation to express their personality and show their differing personality traits.

Tell a story

Knowing the background behind each work of art is half the fun. Much like visiting a museum, when guests come over, some art collectors may take pride in walking them through the story behind each of their paintings. Whether it’s talking about the symbolism in the artwork, the artist’s background or how they found the art itself, collectors love sharing these stories with others.

Connect with an artist

Many art collectors feel a connection with a certain artist because of their background, style of work or life story. To connect with that artist, some collectors will follow their journey and acquire works of art from the artist’s collection.

To pass on a legacy

Some families may pass down art collections to their children and grandchildren if they were invested in their collections and don’t wish to sell. This means the artwork can become a family heirloom and increase in wealth and prestige over many years.

Berry Art hosts many emerging and established artists through our website. If you are looking for unique pieces to add to your collection click here.

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