Berry Artist of the Week – ALANAH JARVIS

How long have you been an artist?

I used to spend my time drawing during the off-peak season when I was teaching scuba diving on Hamilton Island. It became a favourite pass time, especially while travelling. Now its what I live for! (apart from family of course!)

How did you get involved?

I’ve always sketched but I started secretly adding artworks to Instagram in 2017. I was then approached to showcase my work and had to come clean!

Have you entered any competitions or exhibitions?

I’m hoping to ramp up competitions and exhibitions when we’re out of this pandemic. I entered RAW Natural Born Artists exhibitions in March and April of 2018. I priced my work according to the audience and had a couple of successful nights!

What do you love about art? What is your motivation?

I love being able to completely tune out, put on some music so I can really have fun with it and get lost in the creative process. Usually, it feels like you have lost an entire afternoon, but most of the time only an hour has gone by. I think it’s great for your mind and I encourage more people to have a go. Lately I have been painting more ‘oceanscapes.’ With two toddlers I don’t get swimming in it as much as I used to, so painting the water helps me reconnect! I also love to collect art; our home is filled with it!

How would you describe your style?

At the moment, I am loving the texture of oils and how easily they blend. I am stuck in a water phase, which I hope will stay! I have also dabbled in abstracts and figurative art in acrylics and watercolours, it depends on what kind of day it is! I think whatever anyone paints or draws, it’s in their style and it doesn’t have to stay the same all the time.

Who/what are your influences?

Too many to count! There are plenty of Australian and New Zealand artists who blow my mind!

What are some of your favourite personal works and why?

Thalassophile means lover of the sea, it’s my new favourite. I love the reflections on the water from the sky and the perception of movement.

This figurative one ‘Take your Time’, captures lovely little moments of our everyday life that we don’t pay attention to.

This would be one of my favourite abstraction pieces. It was my first commission, ink on a large canvas.

What is your creative process?

Hmmmmm….lots of daggy dancing & not paying too much attention to what I am doing. I usually use a reference photo, copy it with oil paint straight onto a canvas without a sketch, then loosely add in shapes and colours - but, I go rogue every time!

What are your goals?

Goals are to be able to paint my heart out for as long as I can! I am very grateful that I have a beautiful room in our house dedicated to my painting.


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