Berry Artist of the Week – HEATHER MACORISON

How long have you been an artist?

I started training as an artist in 2004 after retiring from my long and rewarding career as a GP. My interest in art has been lifelong but the demands of medicine prevented me embracing art on a practical level until retirement. At retirement I immediately enrolled in a Fine Art Course at Northern Beaches TAFE completing The Diploma of Fine Art then completed a Diploma of Visual Art at a private college. I have undertaken numerous courses and workshops in drawing, painting with all mediums - water colour, oils, and acrylics, portraits, I also did a year’s masterclass in The History and Practice of oil painting with Charlie Sheard in Sydney.

Have you entered any competitions or exhibitions? If so which ones

I have entered many exhibitions.

In November 2019 I came 3rd in the Northern Beaches Art Society Exhibition with my abstract ‘Save Our Reef’ which also sold at the exhibition.

What do you love about art? What is your motivation?

I feel that art is a storyteller for history, politics, social comment, and a vehicle to express creativity in all its form. It is also open to all ages, races and creeds.

How would you describe your style?

I think my style of choice is abstract although I will embrace anything.

I paint mainly in oils on linen but also use ink, watercolour, and charcoal mainly on watercolour paper. I usually paint my landscapes using a pointillist technique.

Who/what are your influences?

I am influenced by the colours and moods of my surroundings. The artists who have influenced me greatly are Klee, Kandinsky, Seurat, O’ Keefe and I am drawn to the paintings of Ben Quilty.

What are some of your favourite personal works?

I enjoy painting larger than life flowers which highlight their beauty and complexity. I also enjoy painting trees with a pointillist technique which shows their myriad of colours. Additionally, I love the dramatic contrasts of black and white images and clarity of ink paintings.

Spectrum Elvina Bay

Blue Ryder


What is your creative process?

My oil abstract work never starts from an idea...merely brushstrokes. I gradually build up layers often using a limited palate, and paint layer by layer until the painting speaks to me and I have a title. I might then enhance the theme by non-abstract strokes. Some paintings take longer than others and there is usually some angst at some stage of the process!!!

My ink, charcoal and watercolour abstracts usually start from an idea. Other paintings start from a photo which I have taken myself but often move away from the original image as the painting progresses.

What are your goals?

My goal is to keep improving my technique and artistic vision and become the best painter I can be. I like to sell paintings knowing that my work can enhance someone’s life, this gives me great satisfaction and vindication for my artistic ongoing and artistic journey.


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