Berry Artist of the Week – JOE FAUST

How long have you been an artist?

I have ​ ​been painting on and off for 30 years or so.

How did you get involved?

My interest in painting began in my final year at boarding school in Toowoomba, Queensland. I chose to study Art and initially worked with acrylics. After joining a local art group, I discovered the rewarding medium of oils. However, with various commitments and the hectic pace of life, painting took a ‘backseat’ for twenty years and the brushes and palette knives were reluctantly put aside. I’ve recently felt the need to resume creative avenues.

Have you entered any competitions or exhibitions? If so which ones

· 1977 1st Prize Landscape section - Proserpine Show

· 2011 Highly Commended - Mackay Artspace Local Artist Award. AFS Art on Show

· 2012 1st Prize Painting (Oils/Acrylics) - Sarina Art Extravaganza

· 2013 Donated Creative Happenings Art Exhibition in Calen (RACQ Rescue chopper fundraiser)

· 2018 1st Prize Painting (Oil/Acrylics) - Barcaldine Art Exhibition

· 2018 Reserve Champion, Senior Class Landscape - Whitsunday Show

· 2019 Encouragement Award - Maranoa Easter Art Show

· 2019 Highly Commended (Oil/Acrylic)- Barcaldine Art Exhibition

· 2019 2nd Prize, Special Class - Whitsunday Show

What do you love about art? What is your motivation?

I was fortunate to be brought up to embrace nature either at the beach or in the bush. This gives me the inspiration to share my experiences with everyone who loves art.

How would you describe your style?

Impressionism/cloudscape art, land & seascapes in oils. Over the past ten years through experimentation I have arrived at a style I feel comfortable with.

Who/what are your influences?

I’m impressed with so many talented women artists, especially watercolour and palette knife artists.

What are some of your favourite personal works?

‘There’s a Light in the Darkness’ painted 2010 – 2012 oil on canvas. This piece holds a special place in my psyche as it acted as a catalyst that brought me out of a depression I was unaware I was suffering. The painting was created from a photo I took. At the time I was listening to a track of The Rocky Horror Picture Show CD, ‘Over at the Frankenstein’s Place’. It was a dark time; I was literally climbing out of a dark pit after grieving family loss and disconnection. If it wasn't for art & music, I don't think I'd be here today.

This piece was the beginning of a new start.

There's a Light in the Darkness

What is your creative process?

Listening to all genres of music has a direct impact on what and how I paint, discover unconventional techniques, and colour in my art making. I use reference photographs from road trips of the Australian countryside. I just enjoy painting.

What are your goals?

I’m always looking to better my paintings and will vary subjects, different landscapes, palette knife techniques - maybe still life or semi abstract? Selling my art is a continued goal.


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