The Gift of Giving

This blog will help in easing the difficult decisions around choosing the right Christmas gifts. You might associate a friend or loved one with a certain colour. With the additional hint of correlated personality, it is easy to locate an art piece to match!

In previous blogs we have discussed the effect room colour has on a personality (click here), and types of art and our personality (click here). Here we further investigate the attraction of colour and how this may be representational of personality. Are you or your loved one outgoing or of a gentle nature? Let’s see if the colours tell! Read on ….

Your colour preferences may change with age and mood, but for now, here is a broad explanation of the attraction of colour.

White, a symbolic representation of pureness, is generally associated with innocence and naiveté. A bride in white is a custom that signifies this. An attraction to white can indicate a desire for perfection or a desire for the simple life.

Red represents strength, health, and vitality, and is usually indicates a personality type that is outgoing, likely aggressive, energetic and impulsive. Likewise, an ordinarily quiet person may at times be attracted to red for that extra boost!

Those who love pink are associated with love and affection. Ladies who prefer this colour may be maternal, a personality that requires affection.

People drawn to the colour Orange are also known as those who enjoy luxury and pleasure. The mentally adventurous, happiness and wisdom seekers of the world have a tendency towards the colour Yellow.

Green represents harmony and balance and is most loved by those who are seen to be gentle and sincere while Blue connotes a personality type that’s soothing, compassionate and caring. Lovers of Blue tend to be admired for their stable character and wisdom. These people tend to be also seen as faithful.

Black tends to represent the appearance of mystery suggesting hidden depths and inward longings whilst Grey represents elements of caution and compromise.

Berry Art has many options for Christmas giving. It’s all about the colour!


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