The Importance of Emerging Artists

There are many emerging and developing artists in Australia who are unfortunately under financial duress and who do not have a suitable platform to advertise and sell their works. These many wonderful artists inspire and shape the fabric of our community and bring joy to many. From first time buyers to those that already have large collections. There is a void and this is why Berry Art decided something had to change!

Aboriginal Art Owls - Wikimedia Commons

Berry Art Support

There is only a small team at Berry Art, but a passionate one, and we consider ourselves as"by Artists for Artists".

At Berry Art we are committed to providing a cost effective way to acquire art and to ensure our artists receive the funds necessary to further their work. We want visitors to have the best possible experience when on our site and be able to acquire works that make them berry happy!

How Do We Do It

  • The lowest commission rates in Australia (more goes to the artist)

  • We provide a shipping service to enable artists to pack and relax

  • If an artist is exhibiting, we will advertise and support their endeavors

  • The best phone and email support by our friendly team

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Our lovely mobile menu background features Peach Blossom Stem by Fiona Buchanan

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