The right art can help sell your home in 2020

Are you selling your house? What makes people have that instant attraction to a property, where they can visualise it as their home, where they can be happy and live contentedly? Sure, they will look at the lifestyle offered by the suburb and environs and whether the house is suited logistically, but to be a home in contention, a home that is in demand by more than one party, it must have that special something that draws an audience. It’s that special ‘I want’ factor, the ‘I need to have it’ factor that puts a home in the market that SELLS!

A picture for $300 will do as much to change a room as a new sofa or a complete repaint and could help you make a quicker sale for more money.

All Real Estate agents will give you tips on how to present your home to achieve its best prospective. Decluttering and having that fresh baked cookie smell is something that will have potential buyers open to purchase. If you have ever been in the market to purchase a house, and many of you would, you would understand how tiresome it can be trudging from one home open to another. Quite often you run into the same people throughout the days! Same buyers are able to see past old or distasteful furnishings and decor that can otherwise deceptively drag down the perceived value of your property. Buy why risk it. Although everyone’s taste in art differs, it is the cohesion of emotion in the space that can make a property stand out in a crowd and be one to remember.

Sellers should avoid art that is too well known such as Monet’s water lilies or Jack Vettriano’s beach scenes as it is seen as lacking in originality and sophistication. Controversial art such as nudes or those with offensive words or images should also be avoided.

In previous blogs we have submitted ideas on ‘What makes a Home a Home’ and discuss how rewarding emotionally it can be to surround yourself with the art you have an attraction to. Here we draw your attention to the financial reward gained by surrounding yourself with art. When presenting your home for sale is not just about decluttering and aromas, you need to create an impact for those who cannot visualise, you need to set the scene.

A fresh look can be inspiring and stimulus for a sale. When people feel good about an environment, their barriers go down and the openness to picture themselves in the scene is enhanced. Art can further add that touch of class to increase the perceived value of the property. Introducing a feature artwork may just be the magic you need to bring warmth, a fantasy, and more importantly a close to the sale.

Selling your home is about selling a lifestyle as much as the bricks and mortar. Paintings reflect your personality. By having the right ones on the wall you can sell an attractive way of life to a perspective buyer.

Check out the above artwork and others on Berry Art for ideas


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