Times like this ...

Additional time alone through self-isolation and social distancing causes each one of us to ponder our existence - our self-motivation is tested. It would be easy being surrounded by adverse news to opt for long afternoon naps or to delve into the world of fiction to avoid the reality we find ourselves in. Which is OK for a bit… Situations like these cause each one of us to reflect on our values and to dig deep for self-worth. On the upside, adverse times are known to produce the most profound and sensitive works of art, music and poetry where individuals are compelled to tell their story of truth. This is where we are today.

We encourage all our artists to create, find the passion or simply escape into the moment. For our readers who state that they can’t even draw a straight line – we admit there are many other talents, but we ask you to discover the beauty around you. Gardeners will generate places worthy of spending time in, cooks will produce amazing food while scientific and business orientated people with be innovative with ideas and designs. There is always something that each of us are good at – we just need to keep looking!

Going places without risking health

When we can’t take that much desired holiday, we look for options to fill the gap. A piece of art can take you on a journey to places you would like to go, or an emotional space that brings self-satisfaction. It may not be the reality you were looking for, but it might bring happiness in a safe environment, plus something you will have for generations to come.

Take a look at these options for scenes you may like to dream of

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Here are some thought-provoking pieces to inspire you:

Remember to appreciate the simple things in life.

Notice the beauty around you and take the time to breathe it all in!


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